National Nutrition Month: Foods & Infusions for Wellness

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National Nutrition Month is observed every March and this year’s theme celebrates foods and flavors from around the world. This is a tasty and fun way to maintain wellness in conjunction with vitamin infusions. Nova Vita recognizes that everyone is unique when it comes to their body, wellness goals, and genetic backgrounds. We offer a variety of vitamin infusions geared toward improving your wellbeing on a personalized basis.

You can start by incorporating more nutritious foods into your diet and reducing certain types of foods which may be hindering your success to living a healthy lifestyle. It is easy to participate in this year’s National Nutrition Month theme and “Celebrate a World of Flavors” while still eating nutritious foods and drinking healthy beverages.

It is important to remember that eating healthy does not have to be an all-or-nothing lifestyle. The most important factor which will have the greatest impact on your wellness journey is what you eat or drink most of the time. For instance, MyPlate, created by the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy & Promotion, is not a strict directive yet merely a guide with consumer-friendly tips to follow the key recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


Healthy eating guidelines:

  • Reduce added sugars
  • Cut back on sodium
  • Decrease saturated fats

With the wide range of flavors and unique foods from all across the globe this is easy to do for National Nutrition Month and all year long! Many cuisines in all corners of the world rely on natural and unprocessed ingredients, which makes eating international cuisines an easy way to living a healthy lifestyle.


Healthy cuisines for National Nutrition Month

  1. Greek
  2. Japanese
  3. Korean
  4. Thai
  5. Spanish
  6. Indian
  7. Lebanese

Eating healthy is an important piece of the pie for a successful wellness journey, yet all of the body’s nutritional needs cannot be obtained from food alone. Staying hydrated and fortifying your diet with vitamins, minerals, and conditional or non-conditional amino acids is the key to wellbeing. If the body is experiencing vitamin deficiencies, the symptoms are noticeable both internally and externally. Vitamin deficiency symptoms can include, among others:

  • Brittle hair and nails
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased mood
  • Bleeding gums
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Hair loss
  • Poor vision at night

Many people turn to dietary supplements as a “quick fix” for a lack of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in their diet. Certain dietary supplements can be helpful if they are manufactured in a cGMP facility, have proper nutrient loading levels, are free from harmful, unnecessary fillers, and adhere to all label claims including their list of ingredients and nutritional content.


Even if you can find a product which meets this laundry list of criteria, an oral supplement does not provide the bioavailability of an IV vitamin infusion. Bioavailability refers to the actual amount of a nutrient which is absorbed by the body and enters the bloodstream following the digestive process as well as how much is stored by the body for future use.


There are several factors which negatively affect bioavailability, no matter the nutritional content of the food you eat or the quality of your dietary supplements:

  • Gut health
  • Pregnancy status
  • Genetic makeup
  • Alcohol intake
  • Caffeine
  • Medications
  • Stress

An optimal way to ensure maximum bioavailability of nutrients for immediate use and storage by the body when you need it most is to incorporate IV Vitamin Infusions into your wellness journey.


Vitamin Infusions for National Nutrition Month


Nova Vita bridges the gap traditional healthcare leaves behind with a range of vitamin infusions for whole-body health and wellness, all of which are data-driven and backed by science. Our in-house formulations are ideal for National Nutrition Month and all year long by helping people look better, be better, and feel better with solutions to:

  • Boost immune system health
  • Enhance mood
  • Gain more natural energy
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Reduce symptoms of migraines, stress, fatigue
  • Diminish the effects of aging
  • Reach weight loss goals
  • Detoxify and cleanse the body

How to Choose a Vitamin Infusion


Choosing a vitamin infusion that is suitable for you depends on your wellness goals, the needs of your body, or a combination of both!


Nova Vita has healthcare professionals on hand to discuss your goals and guide you on your wellness journey with suggestions on how to choose an IV Vitamin Infusion or one of other wellness solutions. In addition, we have comprehensive lab panels for you to get to know your body’s needs on a cellular level including any vitamin deficiencies which may exist. A lab panel at Nova Vita also details the balance of electrolytes in your body, blood sugar levels, and any factors which may affect your metabolism.


Lab panels are especially helpful to identify any root causes of conditions which may hinder a successful wellness journey, yet they are not required to choose a vitamin infusion. If you have specific goals in mind or are experiencing symptoms of a vitamin deficiency, our healthcare professionals can help you choose a vitamin infusion that’s right for you.


Start a Wellness Journey


National Nutrition Month is a perfect reason to kickstart a wellness journey. Spring is around the corner and you can let your health blossom with your surroundings so get started today. If you are not quite ready to start a wellness journey, that’s OK!

Nova Vita Wellness Centers healthcare professionals are more than happy to talk with you about goals you may have in mind and how our customized wellness solutions can guide you down a path to wellbeing. Stop by one of our locations, give us a call, or contact us by email and we can demonstrate how our unique method of bridging the gap traditional medicine leaves behind can put you on a path to optimal health.

All of our services are backed by scientific evidence and we help you choose solutions based upon data which supports your health needs. The information you learn about yourself at Nova Vita Wellness Centers can be used both inside and outside of our facility so you can make informed decisions about healthcare—wherever it is received.


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