Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy

Relief from the Outside-In

$25 • 30 Min Session

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Living up to its name, compression therapy involves compressing the muscles to help blood flow throughout the body. Many people are familiar with compression garments to prevent swelling, yet there are many other wellness benefits for adults of all ages and lifestyles.

No matter if you are a professional athlete, living a normal active lifestyle in the prime of your age, or settling down to enjoy retirement, there is a full range of health benefits that come from compression therapy.

Red Light Therapy Packages

3 Sessions


(Retail Value: $75)

8 Sessions


(Retail Value: $200)

12 Sessions


(Retail Value: $300)

Compression Therapy Benefits

Improved Athletic Performance

Increased Blood Circulation For Business Travelers

Improved Blood Flow For Those With Standing Lifestyles

Healthy Posture And Blood Flow During Pregnancy

Treating Problematic Veins

Treating Lymphedema

Reduces Appearance Of Veins

Relieves Pain

Increases Available Oxygen In Muscles

Improved Blood Flow For Those With Standing Lifestyles

Increased Blood Circulation For Business Travelers

Increases Overall Self-awareness Of Body


Compression therapy at Nova Vita Wellness Centers feels like a tight squeeze that slowly moves up your leg. The sensation is extremely relaxing, similar to a heavy pressure massage, helping to ease any sore or tired muscles. The device will continue to slowly pulsate and increase the circulation in your blood vessels.

You may wear any clothing you like. However, baggy clothing might bunch up and cause slight discomfort as the device works its way up your leg. Therefore, form fitting clothing or shorts are ideal options for the most relaxing experience.

Yes! In fact, many customers discover that compression therapy enhances other wellness solutions. Some of the most popular options to pair with compression therapy at Nova Vita include any of our IV Vitamin Infusions, Red Light Therapy, and the Oxygen Bar. As you relax in one of our comfortable reclining chairs enjoying a wellness solution for another aspect of your whole-body health, our compression therapy devices will work their magic on your legs and bolster the remainder of your circulatory system.

Absolutely. You don’t need to be a professional athlete or suffer from pre-existing venous disorders. Similar to many avenues to achieving optimal health and wellness, preventative measures are more important than reactive. Whatever you can do in order to help increase circulation and blood flow is crucial for the wellbeing of anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are sore from an intense workout, preparing for a marathon, suffer from pain and swelling in your legs, or live a sedentary lifestyle by sitting for hours every day. Everyone can benefit from compression therapy in some form.







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