Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

Reset Your Wellness, Starting With The First Breath

$25 • 30 Min Session

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The air we breathe contains about 21 percent oxygen, while the rest is made up of other gases such as nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and a variety of pollutants. Those who live in areas with poor air quality often experience headaches, fatigue, coughs, sore throat, nausea, dizziness, eye irritation and more.

How it Works

An oxygen concentrator pulls in fresh air and delivers purified oxygen with up to a 90% concentration level while you enjoy an IV Vitamin Infusion, Compression Therapy Session, or just relax and take a fresh breath of oxygen.

Oxygen Therapy Packages

3 Sessions


(Retail Value: $75)

8 Sessions


(Retail Value: $200)

12 Sessions


(Retail Value: $300)

Oxygen Therapy Benefits

Increases Energy Levels

Improves Mood

Improves Concentration

Reduces Stress

Promotes Better Sleep

Improves Athletic Performance


Quite the contrary! We all need oxygen to live, and inhaling purified oxygen improves wellbeing for everyone. Customers often experience a feeling of mental clarity, reduced stress levels, enhanced concentration, improved alertness, and decreased hangover symptoms such as headaches and congestion.

Not at all, you will simply feel more clear-headed and alert. Since you are receiving a more purified form of oxygen, your heart will not have to work as hard and you will likely feel more relaxed as well. Oxygen can also reduce muscle soreness after exercise since it is known to function as a detoxifier in the body through oxidizing pollutants such as carbon monoxide and lactic. Professional athletes use oxygen to aid their bodies in recovery from high-intensity workouts.

Indeed! Similar to our Compression Therapy, many customers enjoy pairing the Oxygen Bar with some of our other offerings for a full, whole-body health experience. In fact, you can enjoy the oxygen bar, compression therapy, and an IV vitamin infusion all at the same time if you choose to do so.

Many people begin feeling the effects within a few minutes into the 30-minute session. Once the session is complete, many of the benefits such as mental clarity, alertness, decreased congestion, and more can last several hours and sometimes days.







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