IV Vitamin Infusions: What to Expect

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Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Infusions, also known as IV Vitamin Therapy, are growing in popularity for their range of benefits for boosting the immune system, alleviating fatigue and muscle pain, and promoting overall health and wellbeing.

For anyone that has never received a vitamin infusion before, the concept may seem a bit strange or even daunting at first if you don’t know what to expect. In reality, the experience of an IV Vitamin Infusion is as pleasant as it is beneficial to the body.

Nova Vita Wellness Centers offers 16 different vitamin infusions for health and wellbeing. No matter which vitamin infusion you receive, the experience is the same: a spa-like atmosphere with a personalized treatment approach by our professionally trained and licensed wellness specialists.

How it Works:

If you haven’t already decided which infusion you want based on your own preference or through our highly detailed micronutrient testing, a health advocate will go over the menu with you to find the best infusion to optimize your wellbeing.

Next, you can choose your own comfy, cushioned recliner and pick from a variety of hydrating beverages such as bottled water or flavored sparking water to enjoy while your infusion is prepared. Each vitamin infusion at Nova Vita Wellness Center is compounded in-house and after the customer arrives so it can be tailored to their specifications like adding a booster such as Biotin, Glutathione, CoQ10 and many others.

When your infusion is ready a local anesthetic, Lidocaine, will be administered at the infusion site to ensure the process is pain-free. Shortly after, your infusion will begin. Your wellness specialist will adjust the drip flow of your infusion depending on your specifications and the specific vitamin therapy.

On average, you can expect the process to last approximately 45 minutes. Our wellness specialists will continuously check on you to ensure you are as comfortable as possible and receiving the maximum benefit of your IV vitamin infusion.

Contact Us: For more information about all of the ways Nova Vita Wellness Centers can help you begin your wellness journey, check out our menu online or schedule an appointment.


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