How to Recover After Running a Marathon

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After completing a marathon your body needs more than just rest, it needs to recover. Some say the post-race recovery is harder than the race itself. It takes a lot of commitment to one’s body not to fully sit or rest for days after, as it is recommended to try and keep the body moving so your muscles do not tighten up.

Here are some more post-race recovery tips:

  • Drink: You may have been drinking during the race, but you should still continue to drink as your body will still be a little dehydrated
  • Keep moving: immediately after returning home, try to walk an additional 10-15 minutes to keep your body from tensing up but refrain from any high-intensity workouts for at least a week
  • Elevate your legs: elevating your legs can help reduce inflammation and cut down on soreness
  • Soak: Take a cool shower or soak in an Epsom salt bath
  • Refuel: Eat a high-carb meal with protein and avoid alcohol if possible

Rest, fluids, and carbs are recommended to help fuel your body’s recovery, but you may need some extra help refueling and healing. That’s where Nova Vita can help!


Recover IV Vitamin Infusion: Still fatigued or sore? Reduce recovery time and soreness with our Recovery IV vitamin infusion!


The specially formulated Recovery IV Vitamin Infusion is designed to reduce recovery time from intense training or competition sports. By specifically targeting the nutrients and vitamins lost through vigorous activity, the Recovery drip replenishes and revitalizes the body.


Minimize soreness and fatigue and get a boost in the recovery process as your body completely rehydrates.


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Compression Therapy:


Compression therapy involves compressing the muscles to help blood flow throughout the body. The sensation is extremely relaxing, similar to a heavy-pressure massage, helping to ease any sore or tired muscles. Each session lasts 30 minutes, making it a perfect complement to a relaxing Recovery IV Vitamin Infusion.

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