Health Optimization for the Immune System: Tips and Tricks

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Get to know your innate defense mechanisms on a deeper level for health optimization and boosting your immune system this fall and winter.

Health optimization is the practice of assisting patients in understanding and utilizing their body’s regulatory mechanisms to promote natural healing. With flu and cold season right around the corner, our best efforts to optimize the immune system should be our primary focus.

The body is innately designed to keep us healthy. We have a built-in defense system keeping us protected every day. It is intelligent and adaptive, meaning it retains memory of past attacks. Similar to a muscle, the immune system can be trained to optimize function.

So, what can we do to train our immune system?

First and foremost, getting enough sleep is a priority. This seems simple, but sleep deprivation depresses the immune system and its disease-fighting abilities. This decreases the proliferation of cells known as T cells which fight off bacteria, viruses, or fungi.

Even a single night of poor sleep can decrease the number of natural T cells. Sleep in the only time when the body is 100% allowed to rest, restore, and repair. Magnesium is an important mineral that can help fight inflammation, lower blood pressure, and improve sleep.


Nova Vita has several IV infusions containing magnesium, including:

  • Hydrate Infusion
  • Alleviate Infusion
  • Slim Infusion
  • Cleanse Infusion
  • Migraine-Away Infusion
  • Nourish Infusion
  • Myers Cocktail Infusion

Sunlight is also important for immune system health optimization. Sunlight causes the body to produce natural Vitamin D. T cells don’t mobilize if they detect only a small amount of Vitamin D. As an added benefit, Vitamin D can help the body defend against new infections. People should aim for 3,000 IU daily of oral Vitamin D.

Nova Vita Wellness Centers also offers a large dose of Vitamin D for those not wanting to take daily supplements.

Another way to optimize your immune system health is by focusing on your gut health. Surprisingly, the gut does a wonderful job of providing our body with the good bacteria to fit off the bad bacteria. The gut bacteria can help the body learn how to fight immune issues. A good probiotic can help the gut to get more good bacteria.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant known to help with gut repair, boost immune function, and balance the microflora. Nova Vita Wellness Centers offers glutathione as a single, high-dose injection or as an additional booster for a variety of our IV vitamin infusions to aid with gut health.

Get ahead of the curve and give us a call today to find out which one of our many wellness solutions is best for you to optimize your health and boost your immune system.


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