3D Body Scanner: How it Works, What to Expect

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Navigating a wellness journey can be daunting for anyone, no matter their goals, and Nova Vita recognizes the importance of tracking progress along the way backed by data-driven results going beyond the bathroom scale.

Our 3D Body Scanner makes it easy to view your entire body, specific measurements, and more than 30 different body composition metrics to track progress and set specific goals. The scan takes about 30 seconds and can be conducted while wearing shorts, leggings, or any form-fitting clothing to provide the most accurate results.

Nova Vita Wellness Centers uses a scanner with the latest in imaging technology, validated in the prestigious European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which compared the high accuracy and reliability of the 3D infrared sensor approach to the gold standard model used by Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) machines. The study involving five academic and research institutions across the country found that the technology is not only more accurate and reliable than traditional bioelectrical impedance devices, but a far better experience for customers, allowing you to see progress that is invisible to the naked eye.


Within minutes of completing the scan, a comprehensive report will be electronically generated, sent to your email, and saved to your Nova Vita Wellness Centers chart.


Tracking Real Results:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle build
  • Bone mass
  • 12 regional circumferences
  • Body shape
  • Body composition:
  1. Regional fat distribution
  2. Body fat percentage
  3. Lean mass percentage
  4. Total weight

Sample Report:


We can review your results to help you determine the next steps in your journey to improved wellbeing using one or several of our wellness offerings.


Common Services to Accompany 3D Body Scanning:


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