A Brighter Outlook with Ketamine

David B. just wanted his old self back.

“I used to be a pretty happy, engaged guy,” David said. “I haven’t had any serious trauma since then or anything. Just with time and the struggles of life, I became depressed at some point.”

Unfortunately, the antidepressants David was taking were making things worse. He’d even begun thinking about suicide. So, he knew he had to do something. That’s when he began researching ketamine—an IV drip that treats depression, anxiety, pain, and other conditions.

As a medical doctor himself, David was aware of ketamine, though he had never researched it in-depth before. After concluding ketamine is a very safe, effective treatment, he began looking for clinics. He thought he’d have to go somewhere in Houston but was pleasantly surprised to find a clinic closer to him: Nova Vita in Edinburgh, Texas.

He was blown away by the results.

“It really did what I wanted it to without the side effects,” David said. “I definitely have a brighter outlook now, have seen an improvement in sleep, and can engage more at work.”

David was also happy with the office, saying it’s “very well-curated.”

“The staff was very attentive monitoring me with the treatment, as well as afterward making sure I got home,” David said.

David said that he’d recommend ketamine to anyone with similar depressive symptoms that he had, making him part of a growing number of doctors advocating for the treatment

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