3d body scanner
3D Body Scanner

Track Progress, Not Numbers


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Our 3D Body Scanner makes it easy to view specific measurements for target areas of your body, set specific goals, and track your progress. The scan takes about 30 seconds to complete—using the latest in imaging technology validated in the prestigious European Journal of Clinical Nutrition—allowing you to see progress invisible to the naked eye.
3d body scan
How It Works
1. Customer, wearing any form-fitting clothing, stands on scanner for 30 seconds 2. A report is generated and emailed to customer

3. Toggle specific body composition metrics and set general time frames to accomplish their goals 4. Healthcare providers at Nova Vita Wellness Centers will discuss product and service offerings tailored toward customer goals

What We Track
Weight Loss
Muscle Build
Bone Mass
Body Composition
weight loss chart
body scanner chart
Frequently Asked Questions
What type of clothing should I wear?
We recommend you wear the most tightly fitting clothing as possible to achieve an accurate measurement. Our body scanner is able to reconstruct your body in a 3D silhouette within 2mm of accuracy. You also have the option to disrobe completely.
Is the scan conducted in a private room?
Yes. A Nova Vita healthcare professional will setup the scanner and leave the room. The scan will begin after you step onto the platform. Once you are finished, you may dress back up prior to opening the door.
How long will it take to get my results?
Your results will be privately emailed to you within 6 minutes of completing your scan.
What is the weight capacity of the 3D body scanner?
The platform can support a maximum weight of 550 pounds.
Is the 3D body scanner only used for weight loss goals?
No. Our 3D Body Scanner is often used by athletes who are trying to build muscle and want to focus on certain areas of their body. The scanner takes millions of measurements focusing on different areas of the body and measures circumferences on areas such as the hip, thigh, waist and bust. This allows you to see where you are gaining muscle over time and how your body is changing with your wellness journey.

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