Weight Loss Management

Weight Loss Management

Weight Loss Management services offered in Cedar Park and Austin, TX

Proper weight management is important to living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining wellbeing. Obesity affects more than one in three adults in the United States, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  People who carry excess weight are in danger of serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even some cancers. At Nova Vita Wellness Centers in Cedar Park and Austin, Texas, the experienced specialists use innovative approaches to weight management on an individual basis. You can get your body back on track and live a longer, healthier life by calling a Nova Vita Wellness Centers near you or booking an appointment online today.

What Nova Vita Wellness Services help with weight management?

Weight Loss Management Q & A

Weight management is a combination of physical and psychological techniques that contribute to a person’s ability to reach a certain weight and maintain their weight.

Many factors can play a role in your weight, including your hormones, stress level, physical activity level, sleep habits, and mental health. These differences lead to varied weight loss experiences.

Traditional weight management options are a one-size-fits-all approach with long-term lifestyle strategies focusing on healthy eating and daily physical activity. The main reason why diets and smartphone apps are ineffective is they are designed for the general population. 

The weight management solutions at Nova Vita Wellness Centers in Austin and Cedar Park, Texas are customized for each individual patient. Healthcare professionals use comprehensive lab panels and cutting-edge 3D Body Imaging to understand a person’s needs down to a cellular level. 

The Nova Vita Wellness Centers weight loss specialists use that scientific data to create plans tailored for individual patients which may include custom formulations known as Transform Medical Weight Loss, IV vitamin infusions, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and other lifestyle changes.

Program phases include:

Initial consultation

Your provider at Nova Vita Wellness Centers conducts a comprehensive review of your weight loss goals, lifestyle habits, and individual needs during your initial consultation. Using this extensive information, they can design a weight loss program based on you and only you.

Blood panel

A blood panel is a group of lab tests that check your hormones, micronutrient levels, and any other factors relevant to your unique situation and needs. 

Information obtained from these lab tests helps your provider to further tailor your weight loss program. They can even target specific cells and messenger molecules involved in weight loss based on these tests.

Customized solutions

Transform includes safe and effective medications. Your medical care provider compiles information about all aspects of your life, including your stress level, sleep habits, lifestyle, lab test results, and other individual factors to determine whether medication can help with your weight loss.

Medication can reduce appetite, increase the feeling of fullness, or otherwise support your weight loss. Your provider may also prescribe supplements to help you achieve your goals. Your medication and supplement dosages are customized for your individual needs. 

Adapting eating habits

Transform isn’t about strict or crash diets, instead focusing on incremental healthy changes. Many small healthy choices have far better long-term results than sudden hard-to-maintain drastic changes. 

Exercise is a good way to boost your results, but it’s not a focal point of Transform. 

You can expect to start losing weight in only two weeks. Most people experience significant weight loss over 3-6 months, with optimal results at six months. 

Nova Vita Wellness Centers also offers additional services to support your weight loss goals, including IV vitamin infusions. To learn more, call the office nearest you, or book an appointment online.







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