Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

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Chronic Pain services offered in Cedar Park and Austin, TX

More than 50 million Americans live with chronic pain. At Nova Vita Wellness Centers in Cedar Park and Austin, Texas, the highly experienced specialists understand the terrible burden of chronic pain. They offer IV ketamine therapy to help people with chronic pain get back to living and enjoying life again. Learn more about how ketamine infusions can help you by calling the office nearest you, or click the online scheduling tool now.

What Nova Vita Wellness Services help with chronic pain?

Chronic Pain Q & A

Chronic pain simply doesn’t go away, even after you’d normally expect to feel better. Generally, medical providers diagnose pain as chronic when it lasts beyond three months. 

Chronic pain is also common, affecting more than 20% of adults in the United States. Many people experience high-impact chronic pain, which causes them to miss work, alter their physical activity, or make other changes in their life.

There’s no doubt that chronic pain can have severe consequences, affecting not just your physical function but also your mental health. Up to 85% of people with chronic pain also experience depression, another debilitating condition that can be challenging to treat.

Extensive chronic pain treatment options are available today, but unfortunately many of them lack results in some way. For example:

  • Opioid medications are addictive
  • Injections are painful; effectiveness wanes after a few months
  • Minimally invasive procedures are painful, require some downtime, and may not work
  • Surgery is painful, requires a long recovery, and could fail

Whether it’s due to fibromyalgia, cancer, nerve pain, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS),

or some other condition, chronic pain can be truly debilitating if you don’t have a treatment plan that works for you.

If your current treatment doesn’t effectively control your pain and it keeps you from living your life to the fullest, it’s time to consider other options. Nova Vita Wellness Centers offers IV ketamine therapy, which has been called a game-changing treatment for chronic pain sufferers.

Ketamine was used as an anesthetic during surgery starting in the 1960s, but in more recent times doctors discovered that the drug also offers long-term pain relief.

Ketamine infusions, which deliver the drug directly into your bloodstream, can offer tremendous, long-lasting benefits for people with chronic pain.

The drug acts against a chemical receptor called N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) within the central nervous system.

This receptor plays a big role in increasing the strength of pain signals, opioid tolerance, and central sensitization (pain responses to things that aren’t usually painful). So, ketamine works to block certain pain receptors and prevent you from feeling pain.

In addition, ketamine can essentially reset nerve signaling to reduce or greatly reduce chronic pain. Your medical care provider at Nova Vita Wellness Centers tailors your ketamine dosage for optimal short- and long-term effects.

If you have stubborn chronic pain, ketamine can reset your perception of pain and restart your life. To get the help you need, call Nova Vita Wellness Centers, or book an appointment online today.







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