Nova Vita Memberships

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Good Habits Lead to Better Health

At Nova Vita, our memberships are focused on offering our core services to help establish those healthy habits. We offer two membership options to make sure everyone can start down their wellness journey no matter their health wants, needs, or budget.
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Membership Options

Basic Membership
The Basic Membership is ideal for anyone that wants to dip their toes into wellness. You can take that first step on your wellness journey with a curated list of services to give you a full Nova Vita experience and boost your body needs. No long-term commitment and upgrade at anytime! Credit Memberships Looking to pave your own path to wellness? Nova Vita provides Credit Memberships. With credits, you are able to design your own wellness package based on your personal goals and our staff’s expert advice. The best part is all of your credits roll over each month. Click the button below to start planning your Wellness Journey.


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Receive a FREE service offered by our partners when signing up for a new $99, $179, or $299 membership.

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Membership discount cannot be used on consultations, packages, promotions or labs. Credit memberships require a three-month commitment.
You may change your membership level at any time during your membership. Changes to your membership will be reflected the following billing cycle.
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Member Credits

Don't have enough credits for every service you want to get this month or your membership level doesn't cover everything you want to do? Not a problem, we have two solutions! You can buy additional credits to add to your current month for $20 per credit or you can jump to the next level of membership. Remember, credits roll over, so you will never lose what you buy!
Frequently Asked Questions
Who can be a member?
How does the credit system work?
Simple, each membership is assigned an amount of credits. As a member you get exclusive access to credit system, special pricing, and promotions. All services included in the membership have an assigned credit amount. If you need more credits, no worries, you can buy them outright or move to the next membership level.
Do credits roll over?
Absolutely! We want you to enjoy your experience if life gets in the way of coming to visit us!
Is there a contract or commitment time?
3 month minimum for all memberships except Basic Membership
Family/Partner Plan
10% off membership for any additional person with the same address that wishes to become a member of Fresh Start, Explorer, or Achiever
What is a guest pass?
Guest passes are physical cards you will receive that you can give to anyone who has not been to Nova Vita. They will present the guest pass to one of our staff within 90 days of the date on the card and receive one FREE Uplift IV Vitamin Infusion. You can visit with the member or they can go solo, whatever works best for your schedules!
Can you change membership levels?
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade membership levels any time you want, the new membership level will require signing a new agreement and will go into effect the following billing cycle.
Are there any other Perks?
Members receive special promotions other clients are unable to utilize. Additionally, if anyone who uses your guest signs up for a membership, you get 4 FREE credits added to your account and another guest pass to use that month.
Can you just buy credits?
Yes, you can buy credits if you are a Fresh Start, Explorer or Archiver member. Each credit cost $20.
What is a Wellness Check?
Our wellness check is a personalized meeting with one of our providers to discuss any questions or concerns you have about your health or wellness. We are here to help and will guide you in the right direction to keep you on your wellness journey!